New Home: Efficient and Effective Kitchen Layout Ideas


Having a functional, comfortable and convenient kitchen in your home would mean a lot of thing for food lovers. Today, with available varieties of food, one important thing that affects cooking is the kitchen layout. Who would not want to cook in a kitchen that is uniquely and proficiently designed? For the chefs and the chefs-wanna-be the kitchen is a special place in a house. No need to attend Thai school or attend Thai classes to know the basics.

Beginning with the different kitchen layout ideas; we must first understand the “working triangle” or the three main essentials in the kitchen. These are the sink, the refrigerator and the stove. To be able to work efficiently, these essentials should have a comfortable distance with each other. One common type of layout is the Single-line kitchen, wherein the refrigerator, stove and sink are arranged horizontally. This is applicable for small and narrow spaced homes. Another layout is the L-shaped kitchen, taking the two walls of the kitchen and meeting at the corner. It allows two or more people to work due to the available space at the center. And lastly, the U-shaped kitchen that makes the three essentials equally distributed. This lay out will give more space for plenty of people working and a space for a center table.

You could always create your own kitchen layout accordingly or you could hire an expert in handling the layout. What is important is that you would be able to cook with ease.

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