Having a Condo Garden

Living in a condominium can be a really fun and rich experience. If this is the kind of home you want, rest assured that today you can experience almost all the joys that you would in a house. It may be hard to imagine considering the actual space of a condominium, but it is possible.


One thing a lot of condo dwellers or those who are about to become condo dwellers question is whether it is possible to enjoy a gardening or gardening while moving in a condominium. And the good news is yes, it is possible. There are ways you can have a garden even high up.

If your unit has a balcony, this is great. You can assign a corner for your plants or one corner for veggies and the other for flowers. If you don’t have a balcony, getting a sturdy planter or two and choosing windowsills will still allow you to have those potted plants. Having a garden in a condo can be a reality with a little creativity.