New Project for Tilai Real Estate named Tilai city

Developed countries within the desserts are one that is clicking right now in the real estate world, an example of this is Dubai. The main reason why most real estate companies are now focus on selling those land or making projects on those land is not only that they can see it as an arising asset, but also it is at those places where big projects that could be made.

One of the recently approved project that will be done in a dessert is the establishment of the project Tilai City, which will be headed by Tilai Real Estate Company. Tilai real estate company’s is one of the companies that aims to improve Sharjah’s sector. The project is located near the Emirates river and has a total are of 25 million square feet, however the exact amount of the project was kept secret for personal reason,  but imagine the amount of money that would be spent for an area of 25 million square feet.

The decision of pushing through with the said project was based on the real estate activities that occurs in Sarjah during the last year, where in there was a continues increase in Sharjah’s property sector. The increase in Sharjah’s property sector was brought through by the residential rental sector found in the country and the launch of new residential properties across Sharjah. Due to the increase of Sharjah’s property sector, Tilai City is not only the project that is set to be done withing Sharjah for the succeeding years, it was also said that investors also plan to build multiple apartment blocks and also a two high rise towers.



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How Global warming affects real estate in Miami

As we all know global warming is being experienced in our planet today. The increase amount of greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxides, that blocks the heat that comes from the sun and prevents it from coming out of the earth’s atmosphere. Trapping that heat causes an increase in the temperature of the earth. The effect of this global warming can already be felt nowadays, we experience a more warm weather, hurricanes becomes stronger, some ice bergs found in north and south Antarctica are starting to melt down and with the melt down comes an increase in depth of sea level.

The increase in depth of sea level is a factor for real estate buyers especially in real estates located near the shore, and this is what is happening in Miami. Miami being known for its famous beaches attracts real estate buyers to attempt to buy real estate that is located near the shores of south beach. However due to global warming some real estate owners are deciding to back out in buying the real estate properties. Based on a study on global warming the sea level is expected to rise in the upcoming years, and situation affected real estate buyer’s decision. They think that if the sea level will rise most part of Miami, especially the once near the sea level will be uninhabitable. That is not the only factor that affects the decisions of the real estate buyers, another main factor is also the possible contamination of the drinking water that Miami residence use, this contamination will be happen when the level of the sea water rises and reach Miami’s source of drinking water.

south beach, miami

south beach, miami

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Discounted houses on sale in Hongkong

There always been a connection between business and competition, the proofs can clearly be seen in almost every business that is present today. One of the most common business rivalry is the competition between iphone and Samsung. Where in they compete with each other in attaining a better product that the public will choose to accept and buy. The said competition can also be seen in selling real estate properties. From endorsing real estate properties, to giving flyers to attract buyers there is always been competition. However, there is one factor that in selling real estate properties is seldom used in the competition. The factor that they use is lowering the value of a real estate is dropping the costs of these real estate properties, or simply discounting them.

The said way of marketing is used in Hong Kong in selling some of their real estate properties. Two of the most targeted countries in the world in terms of the location of the real estate that they are going to buy is Japan and Hong Kong. However Hong Kong is experiencing a crisis in the amount worth of their yen that is why real estate buyers ought to choose to buy in japan rather than in Hong Kong. That is why Hong Kong discounted the cost of some of their real estate properties in order to attract real estate buyers in buying their property instead. Hongkong real estate sellers offer different discounted packages to its buyers. It was said that the discount rate that they put on to their real estate properties is as much as 11.5% discount and is expected to rise up to 15% discount.

Discounted! Buy now!

Discounted! Buy now!

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Chinese real estate buyers sets their eyes on Tokyo, Japan

Japanese continue to worry due to the value of yen decreasing while foreigners, especially Chinese real estate buyers, grab on the chance in buying real estate properties in Japan. The real estate that are commonly targeted by these Chinese real estate buyers are the once found in Tokyo city, Japan. This is because Tokyo is one of the most commercialized city in japan, meaning they would surely earn money by having a property there. The real estate properties that Chinese real estate buyers commonly buy are apartments that they can immediately use for income.

Hong kong and Japan are included in countries that attracts Chinese real estate buyers. With a growing economy owning a real estate there will surely earn some income. However as time passes by the value of real estate property at those two countries increases with the increase of the value of the real estate itself plus the nonresident tax that affects foreign buyers decision in buying real estate properties in Japan, that is why the most foreign investors decided that instead of buying real estate properties in Hon Kong or Japan, they will just settle in buying real estate located in United States. That is why when the exchange of yen goes down these Chinese real estate buyers took advantage of the situation and they started buying real estates in Japan without complaining about the non-resident tax that comes with it. According to Alex Yueng, director of culture property in Hong Kong, he compared the situation in Japan to that of in Hong Kong and said that the parking lot spaces in Hong Kong costs more in US dollars compared to the apartments in Japan due to the arising yen crisis.



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Patience is a virtue for real estate buyers in Singapore

Nowadays, earning money is such a difficult task,  people become more critical or what they say more streetwise to how they will spend their moneys. An example is in choosing where to eat for lunch or dinner, rather than eating in an expensive restaurant some people will just settle for fast food restaurant because they are more cheaper and the amount of food that they will get is more cheaper to that off eating in an expensive restaurant. Another example that can be related to people making the right choices in spending his/her money in buying a cellular phone, other people choose not to buy newly released cellular phones because it costs a lot, hence rather than buying it immediately they will wait for a couple of months until he/she buys it in that way the value of the phone has surely decreased.

This is what is happening in Singapore, with respect to their sales of real estate properties. There has been a decrease in selling a real estate properties for the past months this is because the prices of the said properties are too expensive. Most of the buyers believe that as time passes by the amount of these real estate properties will go down, so if they will buy the property now and not use it immediately, they will just be wasting money. And if ever they would plan re-sell it its cost will just be lower than the price when they bought it not only because it is already second hand but also the price of that real estate in the market will surely decrease.

property for sale

property for sale

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St. James holdings changed its name to Perennial real estate holding.

Turn over agreement

Turn over agreement

St. James holding company, an investment holding company that is in charge shares from different stockholders, an example of an investment that is under the St. James Holding company is the New Castle United Football club. On the other hand the Perennial Real estate holding is a company that specializes in not only real estate investments but also in real estate firm managements.

Being in a real estate company means that there would be lots of competition, competitions that would either make or break the company. That is why instead of taking the risk of being run down by other real estate companies St. James holdings decided to sign a reverse takeover deal with Perennial real estate holdings. Just last Friday October 10, 2014 the said deal was approved St. James Holdings which means that the stakeholders of St. James holdings have turned over their real estate to the Perennial real estate. With the said deal stock holders of St. James transferred the real estate that they are handling which are mostly public properties that such as malls and other entertainment businesses. With that turnover the entertainment businesses that Perennial real estate are handling will be sold privately, unlike when they were used to be handled by St. James when they are sold publicly.  The exchange of the businesses targets businesses that are located in China and Singapore.  In general, the Perennial real estate would privatized an amount 13 entertainment businesses that consists of bars and clubs which are owned by St. James Holdings. Both CEO’s of the two companies believe that this would be beneficial for both St. James holdings and Perennial real estate holdings.

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Christie’s International real state company tagets Dubai.

Turn over agreement

This is business

As we all know, Dubia is one of the developed countries in the world today, from a city that is located in a desert, now it is a city that contains of many buildings, house and even skyscrapers. That is why the Christie’s international real estate company starts to branch out and target new countries, one of the chosen country is Dubai. The company aims to sell different kinds of houses of almost any type, from a penthouse to an apartment and also Villas, the Christie’s international real state company aims to sell them all. It was also said that the company will not be doing equity stake, but on the other hand it will provide marking, PR projects and referrals from network broken firms. With the proper connection the company has already assigned leaders that could help them run the newly established affiliate in Dubai. One of the big names that Christie’s international Real Estate Company have landed is Brian Etemad. Brian Etemad have been selected to lead every operations in Dubai. Brian Etemad has already worked for two Real estate companies and also he is wll known over Dubai due to his connections in the world of marketing.

The head of the Christie’s international Real Estate Company assured that establishing the new affiliate in Dubai will not be a bust, If we can all see that there is a low chance that it will be because at this time Dubai is continuously improving in terms of its economy thus attracting more people to work or stay in the city, thus increasing the demands for real estate land properties.

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Real Estate Crisis in Hongkong

When you think of real estate you would automatically think of houses or lots that are up for sale. In Hong Kong, that’s not the case. They do not just sell houses and lots there, they also sell parking lots. These parking lots are even sold higher compared to the houses and some lots. Just this may the most expensive parking lot was sold in a residential neighborhood in Hong Kong, the parking lot costs about 4.24 million Hong Kong dollars, which if converted into US dollars costs an amount of 547 thousand dollars. Imagine buying a parking lot that is more expensive than the luxury car that’s going to park there. The main reason why parking lots in Hong Kong Island costs so much compared to the parking lot in other places is that there is a low number of parking lots in the island with respect to the high demand of parking spaces. Unlike in the other countries, most homes in  Hong Kong do not have garages and parking spaces, therefore making these parking lots such a huge deal for the residents. Another reason why it’s such a great buy for the residents is that these spaces are exempted from tax and what they do is rent them out or sell them at a higher cost so that they would gain some profit. That is  the reason why  the government decided to add tax that covers the parking space. But even though the government already added tax on the parking slots, the ownership of the parking lots still increases researches thought of the factor that affects the selling of the parking lots and that is attaining a status symbol, a status symbol that indicates that they can afford to buy a car and a parking space.

Parking lot for sale

Parking lot for sale

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Investing Tips

Real estate may not always be the most lucrative thing to invest in as times have shown. Especially in moments of economic depression, property and homes may be a tough thing to maintain. But for those who have been able to work around the hard financial times, owning property can work out as a good earning pot. There are some basic things to look out for. Here are some tips.

Look at demand. If you have targeted an area, check out how much the property in the area is going for as well as what the property in the suburbs is going for. This is a good indication of value. Naturally, the parts with high prices are in demand and therefore could be a good value for money buy. Outskirts could be good investments for the future as well. In short, if the place is in demand or near somewhere in demand, these can be good investments as these will surely bring about good returns.

Living in Luxury in Vietnam

For buyers looking to buy luxury real estate around the world, Vietnam might not necessarily come to mind. Still one of the more mysterious countries in Asia, Vietnam is perhaps best known for their food, which is one of the most delicious in the world, and the war, one of the most challenging ones in history with atrocities people would rather not talk about such as the sexual abuse of Vietnamese comfort women.

But some of the most beautiful luxury property in the world can be had on Vietnam today; and at very reasonable prices compared to other, more commercialized places.


Take, for example, this two-bedroom villa located along Non Nuoc Beach in Quang Nam Province. It’s listed for US$1,350,000 and includes access to three beachfront infinity swimming pools, two gourmet restaurants, a spa and fitness center… even tennis, basketball, and badminton courts. Certainly worth a look for those who want to retire in style.

The Hyatt Regency on Da Nang, a prime stretch that includes what the U.S. Military called “China Beach” during the war, offers 174 luxury penthouses and apartments and 27 contemporary villas for sale; prices start at a mere US$199,900:


Residence owners will have preferred access to nearby Colin Montgomerie Signature Links Golf Course. The 18-hole, links-style layout is the only Montgomerie-branded course in Asia. Also, residence owners will have access to numerous on-site facilities including:
• 200 room Hyatt Regency hotel
• World-class luxury Spa
• The Regency Club – An exclusive area which offers VIP treatment
• 5-Star beachfront restaurants and cafe style eateries
• 4 Swimming pools
• Retail outlets, snack bars, cafes and an entertainment zone
• Fitness centre
• Hyatt Camp – a children recreational area with day facilities and planned event
• Tennis, squash and racquetball courts
• Convention centre
• Concierge Service

Another reason to consider Vietnam? The number of international flights to Da Nang are quickly rising; currently, about fifty flights come each week- that number is expected to double over the next year.


Prefer the countryside to the beach? Have a look at the La Vallee de Dalat development, a French-inspired residential area that’s private and gated. That it’s located right next to the historic Bai Dai Palace II, where the last emperor of Vietnam lived, is a bonus.